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Thanks for giving me the honor of using the guide.

Please READ - by using the guide you agree to follow these terms
                                   - if I learn about incompliance I will pull out the guide.


1-     It is FREE for everyone - You can save it, pass it, print it, refer anyone to this guide, but NEVER charge for providing it or information of where to get it.  


2-     If you catch any mistake even if it is small, please let me know about it at the w club forum - username mandy4384  so I can fix it. J

3-     Do not use the pictures in the guide for any other purpose.  I have asked permission to use the pictures that are not mine and they are only to be used in the guide and in no other fashion.

4-     If you want to use MY pictures (all those that do not have caption) or the information I compiled for something else, please email me.


5-     The Guide is broken up in pieces so it is easier to download.   They are in PDF files for printer friendliness – you need Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher installed in your machine to open the link --  


6-     **Download HINT:    If you right click on the link  and choose “Save target as…” you can save it directly to your machine without having to open it – it will download a lot faster this way, and you will be able to access it anytime.


7-     Hope you enjoy it!


8-     Lastest Update:  all the files!

a.      Index expanded to 2009 & Credits section updated.

b.      Common Section – added the new bodies, hand speak, skin tones, & More!

c.      In the early years I changed pictures, detailed more the checklists; there are a few dolls that had mistakes fixed – check the News section for details of what I changed; to decide what to re-print.

d.      In Second part of 2006 – Part 6   I added 2 dolls causing a page numbers run-over.

e.      Completely new -- 2007 onward;  of course 2009 is not complete yet, mainly the Convention Collection is missing, 2nd club doll, and the Monogram Jeffrey Dolls – will be updated later in the year; but the first few pages of the basic collections will not change.


9-     E-mail Update List::  Sorry, I do not plan to do any more years. If any wants to continue this work, I can provide the word files and pictures I have of 2010 to present -- please contact me at the w club forum - username mandy4384.J


10- Printed Version – interested?  Check the news section for more info… 


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Cover , Contributors, Introduction, Index

Cover Page & … Index


A complete checklist by year
(similar to the one posted in the site)

Check List


Details their body sculpts & markings, packing, stands, COAs, story Card Types, hand tags, etc.

Common To All Dolls

Covers all 2002** & 2003 items.

Pages 1 to 34

** The premiere collection pre-sales were in 2001-2002,
     but were actually released in spring 2003.

Part 1

Covers all 2004 items

Pages 35 to 74

Part 2

First Part of 2005 items

Pages 75 to 112

Part 3

Second Part of 2005 items

Pages 113 to 138

Part 4

First Part of 2006 items

Pages 139  to 176

Part 5

Second Part of 2006 items

Pages 177 to 208

Part 6

First Part of 2007 items

Pages 209  to 242

Part 7

Second Part of 2007 items

Pages 243 to 272

Part 8

First Part of 2008 items

Pages 273  to 302

Part 9

Second Part of 2008 items

Pages 303 to 332

Part 10

First Part of 2009 items

Pages 333  to 361

Part 11

Second Part of 2009 items

Pages 362 to ~367

Part 12

First Edition Printed Version

Note: takes forever to download
92.07 MB. Total 238 pages