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The premiere collection.  Sitting down: Raven China Girl. From left to right:

Redhead China Girl, Tokyo Trendy in NY Nites Outfit, San Francisco Days,  Blonde China Girl

New York Nites in Tokyo Trendy Outfit, FDQ New York Nites

All accessories show come with the dolls (including the bear to the far right). 
All the other bears, are Be@rbricks or QEE, and these do not come w/ Susie.

The sofa is from a My Scene Barbie play set.

About Susie 

Susie is a fashion doll designed by Rudi Teruel and David Wu that has an original face mold and body sculpt.  It will be by R&D Fashion Dolls, store owned by their designers located in Taiwan, other dealers are: Marika Marketplace & BIC Dolls.  Jason Wu and Integrity Toys helped in producing the dolls; the latest, Electro Pop Susie is part of IT’s Dynamite Girls Line. 

She debuted in Fall of 2003. Her body has 14 points of articulation.  It moves at the head, wrist, elbow, shoulder, waist, legs, knees, ankles. She stands at 11” tall, and her body is similar to other 1/6 scale dolls which lets her borrow fashions from dolls like Momoko, Silkstone, Jenny, Francie, Teen Skipper, Azone Clothing (see links section for dealers) and Tiny Kitty Collier (by the Tonner Company) . She will usually be around the $75-$89 price range and issues will probably never go above 300 worldwide.  


Reference Guide  (2003 – part 2005)  à  LINK TO THE GUIDE -- opens in new window

I had to stop collecting Susie dolls around 2005 – when too many Fashion Royalty dolls came out and I had to decide which line to keep… As a continuation of my Reference Guide I would suggest:   (also open in new window)

The checklist at this site:    http://www.visibly-vintage.com/susie.htm
Also Susie’s Official Site:  http://www.rnddolls.com/site/susie.htm


Susie Links (dealers / chat rooms / accessories / other pages about her)


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