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New York Nites extra shoes.


General Links

*      Susie Dolls – official website.

*      R & D Fashion Dolls – official and main Dealer, check News section for up to date gossip about Susie.

*      For questions about Susie, email their creators at:

*      Manika – official dealer.

*      BIC Dolls – official dealer.

*      All About Susie - Yahoo Chat Room Group

*      The Pink Parlor V.2 – Doll message board, Susie is welcomed.


Second Market

*      Vinyl Demands – store in UK, has a Susie section although it is empty. I did find a section where they do post some dolls available.  DIRECT LINK

*      Robo Chris – is in Japanese, has some Susie dolls available…

*      Search ebay constantly for Susie, sort by price and check the highest range, make them email you if something new comes up.

*      Post a want ad in the chat rooms (see general for links).


*      Fashion Doll Quarterly Magazine – currently has a Susie Doll Exclusive

*      Haute Doll Magazine – Features Susie in their articles

*      Barbie Bazaar Magazine – mentions Susie (not in depth)

*      Dolly Dolly – Japanese magazine, if you know how I can get it I would be eternally grateful.


Accessories for Susie

*      QEE Beards:  Cute bears like the one that comes with Toyko Trendy.  Pick from the 2” ones.

*      QEE Store: has other models not available above.

*      Be@rbrick Museum: shows all be@rbrick offerings up to now.

*      Be@rbrick Store: has some models still available.

*      Remember to check ebay if you want a sold out QEE / Be@rbrick.

*      Azone Outfits:  fashions and shoes that fit the Susie dolls.

*      Azone Outfits:  this is another store that sells these fashions.

*      Natalie’s Toy House: Another Source for Azone items.

*      Who’s That Girl:  fashions from Volks that also fit Susie.  See in the M section, also in that section to the right click on Chelsea Hearts.   To order this line:

*      STORE1     

*      STORE2: email Rudi requesting what you look for.

*      Tiny Kitty Collier Outfits fit Susie.  Link to their Reference Guide: 

*      2003  

*      2004

*      Collectible Carriers:  Has acrylic boxes to hang in walls, awesome to store/display Susie dolls!


Personal Websites

*      Sensational Susie! -  recommend – has checklist.

*      Val’s Japanese Doll Page

*      All Dolled Up

*      Il Tempio di Nono

*      Anime Dolls – mentions Susie in the Volks + Section.

*      Japanese Fashion Dolls

*      Susie What a Doll Web Ring

*      Susie Photo Story 1

*      Susie Photo Story 2

*      Dolly Pops

*      If you knew Susie

*      There Be Dolls Here

*      The world of Susie

*      WaWaDoll – Susie Talks

*      Asian Fashion Dolls in Germany

*      If you have a Susie Page please EMAIL your URL


Other Dolls Websites

*      Barbie Highway

*      Fashion Royalty Hub



Last updated: October 18, 2008