Susie’s Body Review


Susie has a fully jointed body that stands to 11” tall and has 14 articulations. Her hair soft high quality saran hair imported from Japan.  She has a detailed sculpted body that has shoulder blades, nipples, belly buttons and detailed (when compared to other Japanese type dolls) hands and feet.   Her only body markings are in her head which reads: “© 2002 R&D”. She comes with no earring holes and no nail or toe polish. 


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Front View:



Back View:



“NEW”  Bodies:

There are several dolls that come with differences. Pictures of differences can be seen under each doll in the reference guide. :

*      Sukhothai Muse: comes with the bracelets glued to her arms.

*      Paris Mode: which is the first and only (so far) Susie with earrings and thus earring holes.

*      Rivera Susies: have a new tan skin tone.


Last updated: October 13, 2004