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We are a mother and daughter team of doll collectors.  We started with full body porcelain dolls, moved on to Modern Barbie in 1998, in December 2000 we started collecting Vintage Barbies. After that I (Amanda-daughter) started collecting Fashion Royalty dolls in Spring 2003, got into Susie dolls for a while in 2004-2005.   We also started with Effanbee(Patsy Family) in 2004 and with Spanish dolls: Mariquita Perez and Pirulas during 2003.  In 2008 the Historical characters by American Girl, mainly seeking Pleasant Company made products.  We have around around +1000 dolls and many loose fashions for redress.  


For the Fashion Royalty Reference book – visit the Fashion Royalty Hub (link in the upper right).

Website Purpose – ID Help / Buying / Selling Dolls, etc.

I (Amanda-daughter) started this site to help other doll collectors find information / reference about the different brands, sometimes searching pages and pages in google can be exhausting...


If you want help IDing or Pricing your dolls I would be glad to help–pictures needed.  When I have items for sale I usually list them in ebay under mandy4384 or post them in FS lists at doll boards.  I am not selling any of the dolls mentioned/pictured in this website – it is for reference/enjoyment.   I do have want lists for each brand, if you are looking to sell contact me by email. 


Thanks and we hope you enjoy!                                                                        

alhf  at  caribe.net   contact

Other Dolls  (coming soon)

The other dolls section includes information / links for the following brands:

*      Spanish Made Dolls: 

*      Mariquita Perez & Miel de Abeja

*      Linda Pirula

*      Asi

*      American Girl

*      Effanbee

*      Mary Engelbreit by Tonner

*      Tiny Kitty & Kitty Collier by Tonner

*      Gotz & Engel

*      Hummel

*      Corolle

*      Terri Lee


Disclaimer:  This website is not associated with Mattel, Integrity Toys, R&D Dolls or any other business mentioned in its pages.


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