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February 20, 2010

¨      Well… I am in Spain for my LLM program – and I don’t have any dolls with me – correction any IT dolls (I do have a few of my mom’s Mariquita Perez).  Anyway, I didn’t feel like studying and decided to update what doll stuff I could.  I realized (besides IT’s archive) there were no Picture/List Reference pages for Avant Guard Dolls – So I made one.  It is so easy when there are only a few dolls…. Check it out - see link on the left -- AG Reference List with Pictures.

¨      I want to see the dolls left Puerto Rico before Pewter & Platinum arrived… and haven’t seen anything after that L  no miniGenes either.  Have to last until April…

¨      FR Book update – probably will finish 2009 in mid/end April (when I am home to see/photograph the dolls).


October 15, 2009

¨      Convention was AWESOME!!!  Had a blast.

¨      So W Club sent a confidential email … will tell you about it when it is non-confidential ;-)

¨      A treat – some backdrops to photoshop into your doll pictures  (4 are from the convention by David Buttry)



HINT: Right click and choose Save Target As to save it directly to your computer.  My Camera has only 5 MegaPixels so it will work with small / medium sized pictures but not with full spreads (should work for internet sized pictures).

¨      I updated the Checklist to include all the convention dolls & the 4 remaining dolls for 2009.  I will update the book when my convention collection gets here --- supposedly went out on the 8th – where is my package?  The joys of USPS…


September 20, 2009

¨      Integrity Toys launches new website – with updated archives --- www.integritytoys.com

¨      My Lawyer State Lic. # is 17,443 J  finally!!!

¨      I am going to this year’s convention with my mother – arriving Wednesday night – hope to see you there, will probably attend the pink parlor meet group (if there is one) and the W Club luncheon…

¨      I just updated:

Ø      Reference List – also the PDF

Ø      Added a Skin Tone 1-Page Chart using Em’lia ‘s blog categories

Ø      Added an FR Stain Database – check it out, and let me know if you know of any other items that stain.

Ø      Added Fashion Royalty Story Cards Section – download each year’s PDFs

Ø      In the FR e-Book -- complete update ; redid some pictures of the early year’s fashions/accessories.  Added 2007 up to 2009.   In the Common Section I cover the new bodies (Monogram / Hand Speak / Misaki).  There is a Hand Speak chart as well as the Skin Tone 1-Page Chart.  If you already printed the previous version look in the early years you might have to change just a few pages if you like; but :

§         I incorporated the FR Stain Database to the page of each item that might cause staining, as a note in the upper left side box – below price/etc..

§         Accs pictures change/uplift – p. 4-8, 15, 16, 24-25, 31, 33-34, 37-39, 50

§         In Part 1 (2002/3)

·        Toast of Paris Fashion and Dressed Doll pages 10 and 11 have better pictures and list 2 differences, not only 1 like before.

·        Flame Rouge  added accessory pics not present before  page 31

§         2005b

·        Ginza Kyoris - added a picture & changed page contents - pages 128 -131

·        Intoxicating Mix Vanessa page 115 has the fashion picture that was missing

·        Runway Right Away Variation Purse page 133 added a new comparison picture

§         In 2006a -- New Versaille Veronique added accs close up pic page 145

§         In 2006b

·        Added a page 182 for Saks Agnes --- will be completed after the Convention and the file re-released as well as released on its own for easy access.

·        Added Prototype Blonde Capricious Natalia page 186

¨      Because of those 2 page additions all pages from 177 to 207 move over – keep this in mind for  the mini-collection indexes.

·        Dressing the Part Agnes full fashion picture added page 191 (now)

·        Fix Convention Stand # 91146 in page 204

·        Added the convention T-Shirt picture in page 207 (now)

§         Added:   2007a  & 2007b  //  2008a  & 2008b   //  tentative 2009a   & 2009b

·        In 2009a   Still to be added – Blue Chip,  Jeffrey’s OOAK, Dollystyle Companion Doll

·        In 2009b   Still to be added – 2nd Club Doll   &   Convention Collection

Ø      Future Projects:

§         Keep the book up to date --- never am I leaving it be, now that I have finally catched up.

§         Do Picture Checklists for Hollywood Royalty and Poppy Parker dolls… might review in detail Hollywood Royalty fashions as I tend to steal them away for my FRs. J

§         Do a similar Reference Book for the AvantGuard Dolls.

¨      FR Reference Book --  possible printed version  - printed by www.lulu.com
Since I am using pictures many collectors & IT provided for free I would not charge a profit for myself (not getting any royalties), but even with that the book being letter paper sized and full color would be around:

Ø      $87.90 for softcover + shipping, Standard quality Paper 8.5” x 11” - -Perfect-Bound - Cover & 412 pages Full Color

Ø      $97.90 for hardcover + shipping, Standard quality Paper 8.25” x 10.75” -- Casewrap Hardcover – bookstore-quality binding - Cover & 412 pages Full Color

Ø      With the inside in Black & White:  around $16 softcover /// $26 hardcover.

§         The 412 pages include everything up to 2009 (w/ 2nd club doll, Dollystyle convention companion doll) but NOT the 09 Convention collection [this will take around 14 pages more].

Ø      So far it is not available to the public for ordering (only private – me)… I hesitate to make it public because I don’t want scalpers ordering copies and then selling them in ebay at a profit (although how much more would they be able to charge for it)… anyway if you are interested in the printed/bound version contact me via private message at the wclub my user name is mandy4384 caribe.net  - if there is a big enough list we could make a small bulk order for discount…


July 29, 2009

¨      I passed the BAR EXAM for my State J  Waiting to hear when I am going to get sworn in and my lic. # J

¨      I just updated:

Ø      Reference List -  also the FR Checklist PDF

Ø      Dynamite Girls checklist

¨      I have started working on the books, but it is going slow --- my camera’s battery dies every 2 dolls  ARGH! 

¨      The 2 new cases took a while to rearrange – have half ot the pics taken – then the battery died…


March 26, 2009

¨      I just updated the Links and Reference List Page adding – added
Em`lia ‘s Skin Tone Reference site. -- http://skintonedatabase.blogspot.com/


¨      I already took my horrible exam – won’t know if I passed until June – so I am going to work on the FR BOOK for years 07 and 08.  Also decided to start one for Avant Guard Dolls.


¨      Soon new pictures of my collection as I bought two new cases to finally display it all in my room. J 


October 28, 2008

¨      Convention was a blast!  It was great meeting so many of you.

¨      I decided to take the BAR exam in March, so the FR book’s years 2007 & 2008 will be done in April-May 2009.

¨      The Checklist will be kept up to date - it includes all the dolls that will be made this year, with the info available about them.

¨      I also added pictured checklists for:  Dynamite Girls, Eve Kitten & Monsieur Z.   It is my understanding that with the new dolls (AG, Valia, etc) the Eve Kitten & MZ will not be produced again, so those lists should have all the items.  But the Dynamite girls will be need revisions as new dolls come out.  So far it only misses the Redhead Eltin doll.

¨      AvantGuards – saw them in person, their make up is to harsh for me, fell in love with the doll modeling the outfit that will be sold alone (figures) so I am undecided if I will enter the line – will depend on their price point – although for sure in the future I want 1 – so I can use the chair they gave me at the W Club lunch at convention. ;-)

¨      Valia – the new (3rd) doll has been shown – PivoineHaute Doll Magazine exclusive; she has a new articulated body.
Priced at:  $350 members,   $375 non-members but subscribers.
Previous dolls:  1st & 2nd were Raison D’Etre (blonde / redhead) $350 each,    3rd Adore, $250 each.  Official Valia site:  http://www.whoisvalia.com/

Ø      My 2 Cents:  I own Adore & Raison’s complete fashion.    I love the detail in the fashions, face and the material, but the doll’s hands were driving me nuts – too big, and posed at an awkward angle – and lack of articulation … – lets see if the new Pivoine meets up the high standards her new (sky high) price sets… 

¨      I just got Kumi, she is lovely – but after looking at the package/COA/doll I have to conclude that she is really not part of the FR dolls, but more of a Misaki – she has their body, no sketch/storycard, their stand, the box is completely non-FR – COA says FR Nippon.

¨      The last club doll for the year was announced – she will be Bewitching Hour Luchia – looking spectacular … and those shoes! 

¨      More about all new items / including pictures / comments at this blog: http://fashiondollchronicles.blogspot.com/


September 10, 2008

¨      Finally !  Delivery – You have now the e-book complete until year 2006 a mere 205 pages + the common section & indexes.
My studies & budget stop me from going right now into 2007 & 2008 – it depends if I take the state BAR in March then until I am done with the test I can’t work on it, but if I take it Sept. 09 then I will probably have free time in Spring to do it.

¨      See you @ the convention next month!


April 19, 2008

¨      I know , I know – promises & promises – but no delivery.     Well, I am absolutely sure that by the end of my Years 2002-2004 will be available.  By June 9 – 2005 and, by Mid September 2006 – 2008.

¨      I have been updating the checklist reference list – will keep up with it.

¨      I am going to this years FR Convention: The Heist in Pittsburg – Hope to see you there.
For information on how to register: LINK.



May 13, 2007

¨      Well – I changed servers and forgot to put the Guide in the new one.  This problem is NOW fixed.  Year 1 is back up.  Part of Years 2 and 3 are available in .doc files but they take too long to open.  Will probably finished them by mid June.


¨      I did update the reference list.


¨      On May 15 – you can order Eugenia Frost "Spectacular, Spectacular" Doll by Jason Wu (RAVEN).  Price: $250.00  LINK  On Club email they said that 2 day shipping was cheaper than regular mail.  ONLY USA Address accepted.  You can place the order online or by phone – 1-800-876-7867.   150 were pre-sold to the club, only 150 will be available after May 15   around noon time eastern.


¨      Thanks for visiting my website. J - Amanda – mandy4384 at the wclub forum 


¨      Rumors (during convention 2006) say they will be a Haute Doll Exclusive this year…



October 16, 2004

¨      The first part of the guide is now available.  It covers all year 1 dolls.   Check in the Reference Guide section.

October 15, 2004

¨      Well almost done with the updated version of the Reference Guide.  I am waiting for the last releases to put out a version that won’t be obsolete in 2 days… Talked yesterday with my dealer and the items should be coming in next week or so… Crossing fingers. J   Due to the length of the new guide the file has been split in 2, around 40 pages each.



September 18, 2004

¨      Personal statement:  Well sorry for the delay in writing anything.  I got busy with finals, then during Summer I always take time off from the computer.  Then the case of my laptop broke so I can’t use it easily (will be fixed soon hopefully).   In any case I hope to be up to date soon enough and publish an updated version of the Reference Guide.


¨      REFERENCE GUIDE:  posted is outdated, will give notice here when the new one is up.   Will include all the dolls that are out up until it is done.


¨      The Fall Line has now debuted, called Graphic Flirtation.  Following Integrity’s request dealers will accept orders starting Monday September 20, 2004.  It features a new character: Vanessa Perrin.  And a revamped Adele.  It also has a MFD exclusive doll.


¨      Fashion Royalty Convention at MFD:    Cosmetic Take-Over Convention.  INFO HERE


¨       MFD Exclusive doll info (as stated in MFD official email):  Conventioneers will have the first opportunity to purchase the exclusive Girl of the Moment Veronique at our special Convention Sale event held at My Favorite Doll the morning of November 13th. (Limit is one per person.)  Our showroom will be open to the general public in the afternoon (Nov 13th) and Girl of the Moment Veronique will be available for sale. Limit one per person. (We also reserve the right to limit the sale of this doll to one per household or group.)  On-line customers will be able to order this doll beginning Saturday November 20th at 6:00 pm EST. Absolutely NO orders will be accepted before this time and all orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. Orders will be accepted only by fax, email and on-line shopping and must include full name, address, phone number, email address and Visa or MasterCard # with expiry date (unless we have a current card on file for you).



April 20, 2004

¨      Updated REFERENCE GUIDE is now up, it features the just released dolls and a makeup/hair table guide.


¨      Randal Craig – maker of the RTW line – of exclusive high couture fashions that fit FR is the featured artist today at THE PINK PARLOR. A preview of his upcoming collection is now posted.



April 15, 2004

¨      On Friday, look for the updated reference guide featuring the just released dolls and a makeup/hair table guide.


¨      Haute Luxuries will be shipping now around July 2004.  LINK TO NEWS PAGE


¨      PP, Luminescence & Pearlescence arrived yesterday!  THEY ARE AWESOME!
      --- erased pics  ---



April 6, 2004

¨      A couple of things have been found wrong with the guide, a list of them are in the Terms page that has the link to the PDF.  If you find any mistakes, please let me know so I can fix them before my next update.


¨      I will do the next update of the Guide once I have Power Play fashion and Lumininescene in hand.


¨      STAIN WARNING:  Many have been asking if any outfits or accessories have stains so I will keep a list of things found here for reference.  If you find anything staining please let me know.  Known so far:

¨      Black Robe of Adele Close Up (even with the plastic inserts to prevent staining it stains the dolls.

¨      Chic escape shoe laces stained a silkstone’s legs.



April 2, 2004

¨      Power Play arrived today at DD&CT and Katy’s they are currently working on its shipping.  Please don’t bug them so we can get them soon. J 


¨      Many stores in the USA and Internationally have received Pearlescene and Lumininescene and shipped them already.  People with paid preorders have started getting them…


¨      REFERENCE GUIDE UPDATE:   Check the Reference Guide page in this website for more info.



March 28, 2004 

¨      For those wanting to see the FR in the Cover of the first FDQ magazine.  CLICK HERE


¨      The reference guide featuring the first year and index of this year’s spring collection will be available shortly.  I am having a collector friend look it over to see if I made any mistakes.  For those that volunteer to take a look to correct it as well contact me at the w club forum (username mandy4384) 
Overview of how the guide will work:  I am separating the booklet by year, at the end of each year I will revise the index adding the new year, the checklist of dolls at the end of the booklet and I will add said year as a continuation of the book (picking up the page numbers were I left).  Each year will have several sections.  First I will go over packing and special things that are common to all dolls, like hand tags, clothing tags, shoe boxes, this is to document in case the style of this things changes from year to year.  Then I will do a body review overview,  if it is the same body from a previous year I will refer you to the first review (I will not be repeating myself).  Then I will go over each collection.  Each collection will have a first page showing all the dolls in the collection and then one page per item.  In that page there will be: name of the item, reference number, retail price, current market price, it was an exclusive or not/store sold, number of pieces in the edition, a detail list of all the individual pieces the item has, the picture that Integrity has in the gallery, an NRFB picture, close up of the jewelry, close up of the doll’s face if it is a doll and a picture that shoes all the items that make up the ensamble also a close up picture of small accessories that don’t show so well in the general picture.  I will also include the title of the story card and the code that the certificate has.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the booklet please email me now, since it is the moment for me to fix it.



March 22, 2004 

¨      Magma Heritage has Pearlescene & Luminiescence in.  Pictures of the actual dolls in his website: http://www.magmaheritage.com/ Thanks! Madison for taking the time to photograph them for the rest of us.


¨      R&D Should be getting the dolls this week.


¨      The Reference guide is almost complete, will be published at the end of the week! 


¨      I was informed that before the Mauve catalogue there was a premiere collection one.  For those of you interested in knowing these details.


¨      Soon I will try to post a Featured in page in which all the articles or commercials about FR that have been printed in doll magazines will be compiled.  I will be giving maganize name and volume number as well as a brief overview of what to expect of them.  No excerpts or pictures.


¨      Rumor Mill: The four exclusives will fall as the Exclusive Representatives Collection allotment fell.  1-MFD, 2-DD&CT/Katy,  1-R&D  This is a rumor of course and nothing is confirmed but the fact that DD&CT/Katy will have one for now.  Stay tuned…



March 14, 2004       

¨      A few days ago, I received a paper catalogue with the Mauve Absolue and Exclusive Representative collections featured in it.  The catalogue is gorgeous.  If you want to receive it and be in the official announcement email list for the FR dolls, follow this LINK to be added. 

¨      I have learned as well that the exclusive Veronique doll Haute Luxuries is now sold out.


¨      Someone asked integrity and they informed that there will be 4 exclusive dolls this year.  One of them is Haute Luxuries, there is another exclusive being rumored for Doll Dreams & Katy’s (details still not known).


¨      The IFDC convention this year will feature another Fashion Royalty exclusive doll.  The waiting list for this doll is already past the #100 number, there will be no absentee packages sold.  If you want this doll, you will have to attend convention, it is not guaranteed that those in the list will receive a doll. For information about the convention CLICK HERE.  I am sorry I didn’t inform about this list sooner, it filled out overnight, Jim Faraone posted about it in several chat room boards so I knew the information was distributed everywhere.



March 2, 2004         

¨      All of those in the Integrity FR email list should have received an email with info on how to order Haute Luxurie.

¨      In the new issue of Haute Doll Magazine, there is an amazing article about the fashion royalty dolls (several pages long).  In it, they mention the possibility of a man doll being introduced in the line…  



March 1, 2004 9pm


Thanks Todd for the info!  -  There will be an exclusive Veronique Released for the Haute Doll Magazine (same publisher as Barbie Bazaar), her name Haute Luxurie.  Her price tag $149.99 plus shipping, international orders are welcomed. To order mail, fax or call – phone number is 262-658-1004.  Fax number: 262-658-0433.  You can also mail in orders but I think those will not get there in time.  Limited edition of 500 pieces, max of 2 per customer. Store open from 8am-12noon Central Time USA.  It says in small print to allow 8 weeks to receive it.


TOY FAIR, February 15ish, 2004:


            The 2004 Spring Collections have debuted.  They are the Sheer Perfection Collection, which features the Original Body Sculpt and the FR Voyages Collection, which has the new Expressive Body that has 15 points of articulation. The Sheer Perfection collection features the new Asian girl: Kyori Sato. Both collections are almost sold out as pre-orders.  The basic Kyori (Geisha) is sold out in every store, but one. Those still looking for dolls a list has been compiled and is updated regularly. Check à link   (updated March 14, 2004 ->  this list is now somewhat old, basically most of the stores still have sand luggage, adeles and a trench coat, some have several Vero dolls, Kyori Geisha and RBW and Shanghai are sold out everywhere, maybe Susan still has some but unlikely…)


Looking for ‘04 pictures:   Check the Links section for the FR website and actual doll Toy Fair pictures, 3 links to check in total.