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Table of Contents

*     Advice for the new collector

*     Commonly Used Terms

*     Restoration Advice for vintage dolls

*     What Barbie books should I get?

*     How to determine the condition of an item?

*     Buying/Selling Guidelines

*     How to identify the Barbie Item I have?

*     Vintage VS Reproductions


Advice for new collectors

Click Here for an Easy to Print Version.


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Common Used Terms

·       AG – American Girl

·       BL – Bend Leg

·       CT – Close Toe  shoes

·       EXC – Excellent

·       FQ – Fashion Queen

·       G  /  VG -   Good    /   Very Good

·       Hard Curl – see Hair Part in Determine Value of Doll

·       HTF – Hard to Find

·       M – Mint 

·       M / C – Mint and Complete

·       M / NC – Mint and Near Complete

·       MIB – Mint in Box  (was removed and placed back, without playing with it)

·       MIP – Mint in Package

·       MOC – Mint on Card

·       Mod – Mod era,  1967- 72 / 73

·       NM – Near Mint

·       NRFB – Never Removed From Box  (check for the boxes condition)

·       OT – Open Toe shoes

·       PAK – Mix and Matches pieces that where sold during the vintage era (59-73)

·       Ponytail Wrap – In a ponytail it is the Longer Piece of hair that is used to cover the rubber band.

·       PT – Ponytail

·       SL – Straight Leg

·       Silkstone / Silky – It is a barbie made with silkstone material; they belong to the Fashion Model Collection.

·       TNT – Twist and Turn Barbie

·       Vintage Case -  Vinyl product pre 1973, it is thin and holds one doll.

·       Vintage Trunk -  Similar to a case but bigger , holds more than 1 doll.


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Restoration Advice for vintage dolls

Two books with good advice: 

v    The Story of Barbie by Kitturah Westenhouser

v    Barbie Doll Collector’s Handbook


There will be a link to a PDF printer friendly file soon.  This advice has been collected by the experience of several collectors, I have not tried every method, I will not be held responsible for the outcomes.  You will need Acrobat Reader to open the link that will be provided you can get it at .  In the mean time, here is the old version.


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What Barbie Books Should I Get?

Follow this link for a review I have posted in Amazon.  You will be able to buy books there, sometimes you can find the same books cheaper in ebay.  You can also find vintage catalogue reprints for sale at in the special editions section.  The book Barbie in Japan is also available there.  I write those recommendations with full knowledge of all the books about barbie collecting that are out there.  I have done a compiling of all the books and bought most of the 93 different titles available in order to make those recommendations.  To see a full list of all the barbie books about collecting click HERE (it is in a word document file).


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How to determine the condition?

The C  rating system by Barbie Bazaar’s Definition.





Mint. Factory perfect. Right off toy store shelves. No apologies or anything. No matter what the age, item is factory new.


Mint. No original packaging,
but un-played with condition.


Near Mint to Excellent condition.
Very SLIGHT handling.


Display quality, but "crispness is missing.
It would be obvious that it is not a C-9 doll.
Clothing would NOT be laundered or faded, but might need ironing. Dolls would still be original.


Gently played with.
Missing important accessories, original paint rubbed.
One knee might not click.
Wear and tear visible to everyone. Can be repaired.

C-5 / C-4

Lots of flaws and spots. Poor,  Heavily played with and damaged in some way. A professional is required to repair or restore it.


Doll Damaged. In the right costume, it could be used for display. LOTS of work needed here.


Doll is beyond repair but it may have a couple of parts that a collector wants. Legs or arms still good for transplanting to another doll.


One part of doll, outfit (snaps and zippers) or item could still be used for parts


For Modern Items Click Here

For Vintage Items Click Here

For My thoughts on Repair Click Here


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Buying/Selling Guidelines

Click HERE for a rather printer friendly.  If not feel free to copy and paste it to a word document for more efficient printing results.


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How to identify the Barbie Item I have?

Vintage VS Modern. ->  Most vintage dolls don’t twist at the waist.  If your doll says 1966 it doesn’t mean it was made in that year.  You can email me and I will help you ID both Vintage Clothing and Dolls, vintage clothing usually has Tags in black and white.  When you email me please try to include pictures or a really detailed description, I will do my best to help you id your doll. EMAIL


For modern Fashion Avenues – CLICK HERE

For Vintage Items – CLICK HERE

For Vintage & Modern Items – CLICK HERE


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How to tell Vintage items from Reproductions?

I will answer this question during June.  I will provide pictures of both the real vintage item and the reproductions item.  I will give tips on how to tell them apart.  In the mean time… Click Here


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Last revised: March 14, 2004