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If you want to add a link contact me via flickr message - username mandy4384.  if you see any problems with a link please let me know so I can fix it.  THANKS!


General Information

Mattel’s Official Website   -  this is a good information source, for both Vintage & Modern


Master Collector – first to post info covered in toy fairs (in February)


BARBIE CLUBS – Looking for a club near you?


Barbie Bazaar Magazine  -  this is a great source of info.  You should be subscribed, or browse it from time to time.


Haute Doll Magazine – New magazine, done by Barbie Bazaar, check their website.


FDQ (Fashion Doll Quarterly) – New magazine, has info about fashion dolls. 


Web Rings:    Go here and browse for  Barbie  it will be fun!


Barbie Convention USA – Official Site


Doll Expo (Paris)  Official  site


International Fashion Doll Convention – official site


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Chat Rooms & Message Boards

Barbie Bazaar Magazine:  Has an announcement page and has a message board.  See links that are really small on the top left side.


Ebay Barbie Chat Room:  There is usually people chatting about barbies and posting pictures. Great Room! For Frequent Users List… EBAY BBB USERS


Barbie Collectibles Chat Room:    This site is hosted by Mattel.  Anyone can join!


The Pink Parlor: Nice info source, people post items for sale.  This is where many Vicky posters are now.


Vintage Barbie Bulletin Board: Message Board.


The Barbie Doll Collecting Forum: Great Message Board.


Ebarb Notice Board:     Trade / sales forum


Poupées du Peuple – Message Board.


Doll Chat: Has Links for message and chat boards.


Barbie Meet Up:            Find collectors in your area… meet at a location.


Starting a Club:  Advice on how to…


BARBIE CLUBS – Looking for a club near you?


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Doll Dealers 

My Favorite Doll:        Sells vintage, modern, stands, mannequins, and more.  Located in Canada. GREAT SERVICE


Marsha’s Dollhouse:  Sells Modern barbies, also deals fashion royalty, Tyler and more.  GREAT SERVICE


Compare MODERN DOLL Pricing…. Jasmine’s Dollroom


Barbie Books – link to Amazon list of best books.


Sophia Books – has some odd and HTF ones.


Swell Dolls -  a DVD, VHS w/ info for collectors.





Marl & B                                 Joe Blitman                                       

Addicted to Dolls                 Gigis Dolls     


Dream Doll House                Designs By Kristina


Doll Faces




Barbara Peterson Store  (GREAT SERVICE)





Barbie Collectibles:   Sells Modern – Mattel’s direct online store. Has some exclusive items designed for the collector (like blankets, pillows, purses…)


Bettina’s Barbie Boutique     Susan’s Shop


Guyzanddollz              Vogue Collectibles   


Magma Heritage        Girl E Girl


Doll Dreams &            Katy’s Kollectibles


IndyJade                      Wow Dolls


Small Blue Planet       Federal Hill Shoppe 

Mikelman (wouldn’t recommend)


R&D Fashion Dolls (Great Service)


Sitting on the Dock        Dolls Down Under


Pink Ponytail                



AUCTION SITES: (mainly vintage only)


Little Doll Auction                         McMasters







Michelle’s Vintage & Mod   (GREAT SERVICE)


Debbie’s Crafts (GREAT SERVICE)


Kitty’s Collectables         Object d’B     


AMC Collection               Dal’s Dolls                


All Dolled Up                    BarbieFanatic


BarbieCo                         Classic Pink             


Lisa’s Doll Cottage          NRFB Queen           


Bits n’ Pieces Lady         Must B Vintage                                             

DSDolls                            Terri’s Dolls


Mod Colors                      Doll Habit







Auctions_for_fun       Mads Lucky


Madformod1968        Isabidder


Debbiescrafts            Barbiekenscout


1katy                           Bendia’s (see below)




Bendia's Originals and Collectibles


The Vintage Goddess


Mishna's House of Hooney


Debbie Smith's Barbie Biz




Courtney's Corner


Wayda Company Ltd


Donna's Vintage Treasures




Her Family and Friends Collectibles





Vintage Websites

For info:             


Doll Collecting information: Great site for both, has a lot of info!


Vintage Barbie Dolls:  Information


Dear Prudence:    Barbie Rarities, sells rare items.    
                               Ebay Link


Photo Gallery:       Has Pics of all vintage barbies.


Barbie Passion:   Has pics of all vintage barbies and outfits, club info.


Mod Colors:  Info about Mod items.


Online Book:Features vintage dolls and outfits with pics and a lot more!


Online Id Book:  This is another id reference place.


Our Pink Universe: Has info and news.


F & Q: F & Q Section of a website.  Informative.


Barbie and Friends:  ID Guide with pictures.


Fashion Dolls 101: Website has information on Barbie Collecting


Gourd Lady’s Dolls:  Repaints, Reroots, Swaps.


If you want to ID or know Price Ranges of your items EMAIL ME.  Also see Q&A  SECTION.



Professional Fashion Reproductions:


Snowdance Originals & Reproductions:    Sylvia Campbell’s page.


Marirose Reproductions: For Vintage outfit reproductions


The Dragon’s Closet:       Cute and affordable Repros.


Debe’s Dollies:     Wonderful reproductions !




For repro jewelry – cleaning products – hair 

GO TO : Do it Yourself section



Professional Restoration:


I know there are more out there, if you have any please let me know!  I know for sure there is one and I seem to have misplaced it. L


If you want to do Restoration work yourself, check the do it yourself section.


Jennifer Jones:     Doll Restorations – not taking work at this time.


Krista’s Doll Restoration: Has repairing tips as well. 


Roger Haack Site: Beautiful Silkstone Repaints. 

Also Restores vintage dolls!


Maryann Roy – restorations.


Melissa Windham: Professional.  She also does OOAK.


1katy: Sells spa packages on ebay.


Barbie Restoration:  Professional. 




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Modern Websites

Master Collector:  Toy Fair Pictures 2003 and 2004


Girl E girl:  Has awesome info for the modern collector, price comparison charts, sales updates, release info.  The works!


Doll Collecting information:  Great site for both,  has a lot of info!


Fashion Dolls 101: Website has information on Barbie Collecting


Fashion Avenue Reference:  Has all that have come out since 95


Barbie Collectibles:  Go to SHOWCASE – Modern for An almost complete catalogue of Collectors and Limited Edition Dolls.


Expressions of India:  Looking for these lovely girls, search no more!


Lil Friends:  For Kelly Lovers.


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One Of a Kind Artist



Pretty New Faces       Dream Weaver


One and Only Dolls       Cheryl Castillion Dolls


Expressive dolls           SeloJ Designs


Fantasy Dolls               Trisha’s Tresures


Nika Designs                weBdollZ


PBdesigns                Nobuko Sakayori


Forte Originals           Petite Chic 


Jasmar                     Dazzle’em Repaints


Wide Eye Girls          Crawford Manor


Faraone Originals      Fantasy Dolls by D 


Eternal Beauty Dolls

THESE DO SILKSTONES And Regular Barbies:


Freddy Tan:     Wonderful repaints and OOAK.


Anita Healy Dolls: Does both and also does repaints.


Gilly Gals                       Ovaz


Sarah’s Style              Magia 2000


Cover Dolls                 Donaddo Creations


OOAK sale forum:      might have silkys


Melissa Windham:     Professional, very well known OOAK artist.


Barbie Tarts:   Cute OOAK silkys / repaints. Commissions


Mystic Rose Studios: Repaints, OOAK, commission works.


Roger Haack Site:     Beautiful Repaints, commissions.  EBAY LINK


Murphy Girl:     beautiful Repaints.   EBAY LINK


Sugar Plums:  OOAK,  DOES SILKSTONES, commissions


Gene Imagery:            Repaints,  DOES SILKSTONES, commissions.  She has no silkys pictured but I am 100% sure she does them, she has listed some in ebay.


Sugar Plums:  OOAK barbie silky and others. Comissions


Stacey’s Reroots:       Does Silkys and any other doll. Provides hair.  DOES COMISSIONS.  EBAY LINK




Minimomo:     Complete OOAK dolls, Repaints, and gorgeous gowns.


Charles:  Does OOAK outfits


Silver Lining:  Does OOAK Coture for barbie and Tyler.


Jasmar: has a small outfit section.


Joshard Originals:                 Complete OOAK dolls, and cute gowns. His ebay name is bouchy


Nancy’s: Fashions, accessories and more,


Ivory Castle Designer: Has Outfits.


Its 1959 Again: Has Outfits, Shoes, Telephones.


1959 Again:   Has fully accessorized outfits. 


Delvin Designs: Has Fully Accessorized outfits.


Arkadas Place: CUTE outfits. – not ooak, but affordable


My Renaissance:      OOAK outfits, Commissions. Ebay LINK


Irene Cosson: OOAK Dolls,  HAS SHOES for regular barbies only.


Jasnine’s Dolls: Cute outfits and accessories.


Clothes for Barbie:    Website   Ebay Link  - THIS ONE IS NOT OOAK




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Silkstone Related Websites -

Also Check the OOAK section


Mattel’s Page: Has all the dolls in the series.


Silky Fix: Take out earrings? Broken silky?


Crazy For SilkStones:          Site is for the Fashion Model Collection Fan.


Articles about silkys:             First




Rarity: Clothing, Accessories, Jewelry,  GREAT SITE.


MadAboutB:  Sells dolls stands and hand-beaded outfits.


OOAK sale forum:      might have silkys  check accessories and outfits categories.


    Outfits Only: (these will fit only silkstones)


IzziDolls:    Stunning Outfits. GREAT SELLER


Mink Coat and Hat: Cute.


Deb’s Boot-ique:  Cute Outfits.


Gals Galore:          Cute Outfits.


Margo’s Fashions:           Cute Outfits


Dlsj:            Beautiful Outfits specially for silkstones EBAY LINK.


Sewmoore: Beautiful outfits  EBAY LINK.


Fashion4dolls: Great Outfits. EBAY LINK


Randall90: Cute Outfits. EBAY LINK

Yahoo Group     Website


Forbarbie: Great Outfits. EBAY LINK


Beth’s Boutique:               Lovely Outfits.


Rowendar: Cute Outfits. EBAY LINK


Tommax58: Cute outfits. EBAY LINK


Vintage!visions:    cute outfits. EBAY LINK


Sweetcreations:   Cuter Outfits. EBAY LINK Commissions


Dolls4emma: Cute outfits. EBAY LINK                     HER WEBSITE


Fwrd123:   Cute Outfits. EBAY LINK


Kswallace2: Ebay Link – sells candy outfits (are a little big for silkys but look cute.)


Bren556:   Cute Outfits. EBAY LINK


Paris Classics: Gorgeous Outfits.  EBAY LINK


Outfits by Booboojd:        Beautiful outfits lots of accessories EBAY LINK.


Creations by Stacey:       Reroots and wonderful sheaths and pantsuits for silkys.

                   Website               Ebay Link


Outfits by SALeMAY: Ebay Link Beautiful outfits              Website      -  More high end.


James Bogue Desings:   Beautiful Outfits – more high end.


Jasnine’s Dolls:    Cute outfits and accessories.


Outfits by Trishfromnz:     Just breath taking.


House of Retro:    OOAK fashions… fabulous.

       More of his work.


JACS:        Gorgeous Gowns!!!

Website       Ebay Link



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Display & Store



Kaiser Stands: ONLY:  Barbie and Friends safe stands.


MadAboutB: Sells doll stands and outfits.


Dream Doll House: Sells Wonderful Mannequins


Gemo Display cases:      Nice display cases.


Model Displays:  Display Cases. (IN UK)


Allstate Manufacturing:    Has Portable and wall display cases. These work mainly for Vintage Dolls.


Display Cases:     Hang Wall display cases, individual or groups…



On the Scene:       Tips for making miniatures. 

See Projects.


Printable Minis: Add to your displays paper accessories.


PBC Originals: Right playscale food and accessories.




Shopping Mall:      Plans to build one.




Magals furniture               Pink Chic Designs 


Inside the Dollhouse        Dolleyllama


Victorian Woodshop        About Johnny              


Barbie Millinery:    Affordable furniture, hats and hat stands. EBAY LINK


Gloria Furniture:    Buy it, paint it with acrylics
 and it is gorgeous!  EBAY LINK


                                                Another ebay seller for gloria


Doll House Carpets:        All types of Carpets


Praisehim54:        Furniture couch sets… commissions for $15.  not high quality but works for photos…




Barbara Peterson Store:  Boxes to store vintage outfits and dolls


Collectible Carrier: Store your deboxed dolls safely.



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Do it Yourself


DollSpart Supply:  A little of everything.




Krista’s Doll Restoration: Restoring Tips, she is a professional.


Restoring Tips: From doll collecting webpage.    

       MORE here


Restoring Tips:  Info on several restore topics   Do the restoration yourself!


Twin Pines:     Has products to clean green ear, clothes and Barbie bodies.


Prismacolor Markers:  helps easy brow repaints, blush, recolor faded MOD dolls.


Rerooting: AND MORE 


Rerooting: Shows how to reroot using the Tension Method.





MiniMode: Jewelry, tiaras, BEAUTIFUL


Nancy’s Jewelry: More jewelry, also vintage repros.


Doll Jewelry & more:  Jewelry, accessories and more!


Dolly Delights:  Wonderful Jewelry also has reproduction styles


VTJ Designs: Cute Costume jewelery


My Girl Originals: TIARAS!!


Diana Inc:        Tiaras


Fit for a Queen: Crowns, tiaras, headbands & more





Tiny Yummies: Pins, accessories, clips, and more.


Timeless Treasures: Shoes, accessories and other things.


Joe Tai: SHOES – he also has an ebay store


Dressmaker:   SHOES!!  Ask for small size


Debe’s Dollies: Wonderful reproductions !




Jasnine’s Dolls: Cute outfits and accessories.


Chic by Dorothy: All types of Barbie and Kelly hats.


Accessories:   Head & foot gear, belts. Jewels


Facets by Marcia: Jewelry and more… has for larger dolls; be sure of the scale.


Metal Hangers Also other acces.  Rocking chair….


Accessories: wigs and more.



OOAK Supplies:   - all you need to make, fashions accessories and dolls…


       MINI World:                DOLL Supllies




LivelyStitch Creations:  Sells Silkstone patterns


Supplier: Tiny buttons and…


Kk for dolls: Buttons, Buckles… Accessories and more!


Buckles *: Miniature horse website… has buckles right size.


CRscrafts: Buckles , hooks and more..


Tiny Zippers: Sells tiny zippers and more.


Patterns: For outfits and Furniture


Sequins and more: Supply for outfits.


Murielle Roy & Co.: Fabrics & Trims and…


Scotty Maloney: hand knits, has needles, buttons, yarn


Let it Bead: for beads, wonderful selection


Cartwright’s Sequins good selection of sequins


Tools info:        Tips, how to make a small iron table…


Home Sew:     Materials, snaps and more…


FerzieFabric:  Zippers, buttons, buckles*… &


Mini Dolls:Really look at this!

From buttons to buckles* to purse frames.


                        *For buckles largest size: 3/8”




The box depot: Boxes all sizes all shapes.


Doll Hangers: Doll Boxes for your OOAK dolls.




If you have links with info please contact me via flickr message - username: mandy4384





Rerooting:      Shows how to reroot using the Tension Method.


Rerooting instructions:  By Dan


Restore Barbie:         Has beautiful Sarah Hair –
best quality used in Vintage Barbie dolls


Dolly Hair:  Store that specializes in selling doll hair and rerooting kits.


RagDoll:         More sources for hair.


Texas Beauty Supply:           More hair.


Extensions: More hair.


Hair Supercenter:  More hair.


Folkart Sparkle:         More hair.


Catalina Cottage: More hair.


CJosef Barbie Wigs: Sells wigs.


Wigs:  And other accessories. – size is 4 and 4/5


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Personal Websites




Kat’s Dolls:   Has beautiful pictures (vintage).A feast for the eyes.


The Vintage Vinyl Vixen     Amazing Pics.


Dolly Domain:  Awesome collection.





Vienna Barbie Connection: A collectors page, has news.  Has lists of dolls released in the last few years.


British Barbie: Collector’s page.


Jasmine’s Dollroom has  price comparison charts for modern dolls, and a Picture gallery.


A Fashion Dolls Collection – Silkstone fan.




            Bethany’s Doll House:          A collectors Page


All Vintage B Page:  Has info on vintage, foreign, and OOAK


Barbie Highway: A collectors page with tips, info and links.


Val’s Barbie Collection: Pics of her collection


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Miscellaneous Websites

Keeping Ken


Toy & Doll Museum – in CA?




The Asian Barbie – article and small list.


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