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We are a mother and daughter team of doll collectors.  We started with full body porcelain dolls, moved on to Modern Barbie in 1998, then in December 2000 we started collecting Vintage Barbies. After that I (Amanda-daughter) started collecting Fashion Royalty dolls in Spring 2003 and Susie fashion Dolls in early 2004.   We have around 450 barbies, and counting other dolls we reach about 1000.  This is one of 3 websites I have dedicated to dolls.  My other websites are:

*      Fashion Royalty Hub

*      Susie’s Deck


Contact Information:  If you need to contact us email us. We will gladly help you id a barbie doll, or try to answer any question barbie related.  If you want to add your barbie related webpage to our links you can email us your URL and we will add you in the next update.


Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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Created: November 15, 2002