Wanted List


I am looking for several Barbie items.   Email me if you have any available.
Last Updated: March 21, 2004


*      Miscellaneous

*      Mod

*      Modern

*      Vintage



*      Books

*      Fashion Doll Price Guide Annual 2000-2001

*      VHS

*      Hall of Fame VHS – NAME YOUR PRICE! 

*      The Fabulous Vintage Fashion Show, a video starring Barbie®  featuring over 200 vintage Barbie fashions from 1959 through 1972. From TRC Video  NAME YOUR PRICE!

*    Barbie Bazaar Magazines

1.    November 1988


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*      Bob Mackie’s Tango  will pay $300,  NRFB/MIB has to have all paper work and shipper.

*      Bob Mackie’s Goddess of the Artic, $90, NRFB/MIB has to have all paper work and shipper.

    I am somewhat picky with boxes, but not really picky.  I not looking for any other modern dolls.


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*      DOLLS (nude – Kaiser stand would be nice but not necessary):

1.   Swirls:

      BL Platinum, has to be perfect

      BL Ash Blond, has to be perfect

      Other hair colors welcomed. J 1 Brunette, 1 Lemon, 1 Platinum

2.  2 Flocked Ken Dolls: Not mint, they have to have all body parts and eye paint, $20 + ship . 

3.  Ponytails:  (No green ear, no neck splits, no greasy face, hair can’t be cut.)

     #3 Blond w/ blue Eyeliner

      #3 Brunette w/ blue eyeliner

      Extra #3 and #6s will be considered.

4.  Fashion Queen NRFB/MIT cellophane can be broken, no green ear.   $400

5.  Bubble Cuts:

      #1 Jet Black

      #1 Brownette

      #1 Platinum

6.  American Girls:

1 American Girl Long hair brunette with high Color

1 AG LH Frosted w/ High Color

1 AG LH Titian w/ High Color

1 AG LH Blond w/ High Color

1 AG Sidepart one brunette pink japan body

1 AG SP silver ash pink japan body

1 AG SP Frosted pink japan body

7. Color Magic: 1 Blond NRFB, 1 TRUE Midnight out of box nude, 1 Platinum

8. 1 blond midge #1 with headband type box.

9. 1 BL Midge titian. Body has to be perfect.

10. A total of 2 skippers and/or Skooters, hair can’t be cut. Looking for display condition. Price tops each w/ ship and inc $25.

11. Carla NRFB or MIB around $120 tops


*      CLOTHING:  


Accessories for fashions:

v     White Short Gloves

v     Long White Gloves

v     Open Toe Shoes (not broken)

v     Jewelry  (drop pearl necklaces 3, 1 enchanted evening jewelry set)

v     White Spikes (2 pairs, 1 single)

v     Red Spikes (2)

v     Gold n Glamour (dress , jacket, spikes)

v     Photo fashion shoes only

v     Under Fashions panties only

v     One white phone

v     1 pair green spikes


Complete fashions:

v     Roman Holiday

v     Poodle Parade (w/ olive spikes)

v     Fashion Luncheon  

v     In the Swim Pink

v     Aterlie Fest

v     Brocade



v     Cotton Sheath type skirts:  Black one and the Pink One

v     Cotton Blouse:  Red , white

v     BBQ utensils  (knife)

v     Knit Piece separates stripes version only:

*      Slacks

*      Red cord that goes with the dress.

*      Belt that goes with the Skirt

*      Yellow / gold  SLACKS.

v     Mink Coat




v     Here Comes the Groom (complete)

v     Ken in Holland (socks and tulips only)

v     Hat from the Yachtsman

v     PAK:

1.      Corduroy green Jacket p. 49 (mint – looking to upgrade)

2.      Both Corduroy pants p. 49 (mint – looking to upgrade)

3.      Gray Slacks p.49

4.      Red Short Sleeved Shirt  p. 52

5.      Boxing (only White socks and shoes) p. 70

6.      At ease  p. 110



v     Chill Chasers Hat only

v     2 Pairs of short white socks.



1.      Fashion Shop Mannequin and Instructions

2.      Skipper’s Dream Room:

a.      Cat picture

b.      Doll

c.      Rectangular pillow

d.      3 of the 8 Record Albums

e.       Instructions

3.      Barbie Goes to College:

¨      1 Chair

¨      The carpet

¨      There are other small things.  I will write them as soon as I get my item and see what I miss.

4.      New Dream Doll House:

a.  An upgrade of the small table

b.  The post of the big lamp

c.  2 specific sets of books, the one that is all even and another one. 
     In the book of structures it would be the 2 that are side by side.

d.  More chairs or small couches would be nice too.

5.  School Room (complete)

6.  Dream Kitchen (complete)

7.  Piano

6.  Pillows from Skipper’s bunk beds



      Early ones, all the ones that have vintage graphics - All Uncut

      Will update soon with a list.


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            Just got into MOD, so my list is huge… those things I am looking for at the moment or that have priority are in BOLD.

            ONLY Barbie & Francie clothing and dolls.  Casey and Stacey a few dolls only.


*      Dolls

1.      BARBIE:

*      TNT – One of each hair color

*      Standard – One of each Hair color

*      Flip TNT – One of each hair color

*      Talking – One of each hair color, doesn’t have to be in a talker body, head has to be mint.

2.      STACEY:

*      TNT – One Blonde, one Titian

*      TNT Flip – One blonde, one titian

3.      FRANCIE: (one of each hair color blonde - brunette)

*      Straight Leg

*      Bend leg

*      TNT

*      TNT 69 (curly hair)

*      Hair Happenings

*      No bangs

4.      CASEY:

*      One of each hair color

*      Barbie Outfits



o       London Tour 1661 (page 166)

o       Pink Sparkle 1440  (page 200)

o       Tropicana 1460

o       Sunflower 1683

o       Underprints 1685

o       Print Aplenty 1686

o       Caribbean Cruise 1687

o       Travel togethers 1688

o       Fashion Shiner 1691

o       Patio Party 1692

o       Pink Moonbeams 1694

o       Evening Enchantment 1695

o       Formal Occasion 1697

o       Floating Gardens 1696

o       Pajama Pow 1806 (page 214)

o       Bouncy Flouncy 1805

o       Disco Dater 1807

o       Drizzle Dash 1808

o       Mini Print 1809

o       Red Fantastic

o       The Yellow Go

o       Velveteens 1818

o       Beautiful Blues Gift Set 3303



o       Knit Hit 1804

o       Snug Fuzz 1813

o       Sparkle squares 1814

o       Underliners 1821

o       Swirly Cue 1822

o       Night Clouds 1841

o       Dancing Stripes 1843

o       Extravaganza 1844

o       Scene Stealers 1845

o       All That Jazz

o       Now wow!

o       Twinkle Togs

o       Team Ups

o       Wild ‘n Wonderful

o       Fancy Dancy

o       Tunic ‘n Tights

o       Smasheroo


o       Make Mine Midi 1861

o       Pretty Power 1863

o       Close-Ups 1864

o       Glo-Go 1865

o       Movie Groovie 1866

o       Happy Go Pink 1868

o       Midi-Magic 1869

o       Midi-Marvelous

o       Romantic Ruffles

o       See-Worthy

o       Plush Pony

o       Let’s Have a Ball

o       Winter Wedding

o       Made for Each Other

o       Silver-Sparkle

o       Hooray For Leather 1477

o       Shift Into Knit

o       Leisure Leopard

o       Firelights

o       Little Bow Pink

o       Yellow Mellow

o       Winter Wow 1486

o       Velvet Venture

o       Cloud 9

o       Red, White ‘n Warm

o       Silver Polish

o       Fab Fur

o       Goldswinger

o       Terrific Twosome (PAK) x 2

o       Sun-Shine (PAK) x 5

o       SE – Pink Premiere

o       SE – Nite Lightning

o       SE – Golden Groove

o       SE – Fabulous Formal


o       Now Knit 1452

o       Flower wower

o       Loop scoop

o       Dreamy blues

o       Great Coat

o       Lovely Sleep-Ins

o       Anti-Freezers

o       Special Sparkle

o       Blue Royalty

o       Tennis Team

o       Harem-m-m’s

o       Bright ‘n Brocade

o       Prima Ballerina

o       Fiery Felt

o       The Lace Caper

o       Skate Mates

o       Check the Suit

o       Fur Sighted

o       Maxi ‘n Midi

o       CM Perfect Beginnings Top & Slip

o       SE - Fashion bouquet – Some Pieces

o       SE – Mad About Plaid

o       SE – Swingin’ In Silver


o       Fringe Benefits 3401

o       Two-Way Tiger

o       Baby Doll Pinks

o       Glowin’ Out

o       Super Scarf

o       Red For Rain

o       Poncho Put-On

o       Fun Flakes

o       Golfing Greats

o       Satin Slumber

o       Wild ‘n Wintery

o       Magnificent Midi

o       Silver Serenade

o       All About Plaid

o       Victorian Velvet

o       Fun Fur

o       SE – Fashion ‘n Motion FS

o       Silver Blues p.220

o       Fancy That Purple  p.220

o       #7752  p.290

o       #7824  p.298

o       Party Separates p.300

o       Party Dress p.301

o       SE – Barbie Doll Outfit (1974)  p.303

o       Tanti pois p.305

*      Francie Outfits



o                   It’s a Date 1251

o                   Dance Party 1257

o                   Clam Diggers 1258

o                   Checkmates 1259

o                   First Formal 1260

o                   Groovy Get-ups 1270 (page 230)

o                   Hip Knits 1265

o                   Go Granny, Go 1267

o                   Style Setters 1268

o                   Leather Limelight 1269

o                   Fur-Out 1262

o                   Slumber Number 1271

o                   Bells 1275

o                   Summer Frost 1276

o                   Sun Spots 1277

o                   The Bridge Bit 1279

o                   Cool white 1280

o                   Clear out! 1281

o                   Sweet ‘n Swingin’ 1283

o                   Miss teenage Beauty 1284

o                   Tweed-somes 1286

o                   Border-line 1287

o                   In-Print 1288

o                   Note the coat 1289

o                   Denims On! 1290

o                   Check this 1291

o                   Summer coolers 1292

o                   Pleat Neat Pak beige only

o                   Prom Pinks

o                   Furry Go Round

o                   #DS2240

o                   FR2231




1.      Cool-It!

2.      Set Readies

3.      Slightly Summery x2

4.      Floating In (gloves & 1 shoe ONLY)

5.      The Silver Cage

6.      Tenterrific

7.      Night Blooms

8.      Culotte-Wot?

9.      The Combo

10. The Lace-Pace

11. Dreamy Wedding

12. Wild ‘n Wooly

13. SE – Orange Zip


14. Somethin’ Else 1219

15. Land Ho!

16. Tennis Time

17. The Yellow Bit

18. Gold Rush

19. Snooze News

20. Sissy Suits

21. Sugar Sheers

22. Merry-Go-Rounders

23. Pink Lightning

24. Two For the Ball


25. Satin Happenin  1237

26. Snappy Snoozers

27. Bloom Zoom

28. Pony Coat

29. Altogether Elegant

30. Striped Types

31. Wedding Whirl

32. Snake Charmers

33. SE – Pretty Power – pieces

34. Pink Power 1762

35. Corduroy Cape

36. Wild Bunch

37. Plaid Plans

38. Waltz In Velvet

39. Long On Leather

40. Night Brights (PAK)


41. Satin Supper

42. Midi Bouquet

43. With It Whites

44. Buckaroo blues

45. Dreamy Duo

46. Midi Duet

47. Snooze News

48. Summer Number

49. Frosty Fur

50. Olde Look

51. Twilight Twinkle

52. Change Offs

53. Peach plush


54. The Long View p.237

55. Smashin Satin p.238




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